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Code of Business and Personal Ethics

Our Promise

We understand that the pursuit of material success can cause personal interest to obscure common principles. The Sargento Family upholds the following standards which guide every relationship with our stakeholders.

We Will Be Legal

We recognize the authority of legal constraints and our obligation to be in conformance with both the spirit and the letter of the law.

We Will Be Moral

In our public and private lives, we will strive to give precedence to that which is right over that which is merely expedient or convenient.

We Will Be Honest

To warrant the trust of all with whom we come in contact, we must ourselves be unflinchingly honorable in whatever we think, do, or say.

We Will Be Respectful

Whatever our station in life may be, we will respect in others of all ranks those virtues and strengths of character which we collectively and individually endeavor to exemplify.

We Will Be Responsible

To each other and to those outside Sargento Foods®, we will strive to fulfill both the obvious and the unenforceable obligations we owe to all whom we serve and with whom we work.

We Will Be Fair

In regard to decision-making at all levels, we will strive for maximum objectivity and evenhandedness with all those whose lives we touch.